Curricular Overview


Attendees will receive 2 CEU's from Edgewood College for the course:

Breathe For Change Self-Care & Social Emotional Learning Certification

Meet the Hosts

9 AM

Day 1 - Morning

Transformation of Self: Enhancing Personal Well-being

  • Breathe For Beginnings: Setting Intentions for Well-being

  • Breathe For Creativity: Overcoming Obstacles in Our Way

  • Breathe For Gratitude: Appreciating Who and Where We Are

1 PM

Day 1 - Afternoon

Transformation of Relationships: Enhancing Well-being In our Relationships

  • Breathe For Presence: Being Mindful through Each Interaction

  • Breathe For Compassion: Practicing Loving Kindness

  • Breathe For Communication: Connecting Authentically and Honestly

9 AM

Day 2 - Morning

Transformation of Community: Enhancing Collective Well-being

  • Breathe For Inclusion: Creating Space for All Voices

  • Breathe For Collaborating: Working Together Under a Common Cause

  • Breathe For Social Justice: Using Wellness as a Vehicle for Social Change

1 PM

Day 2 - Afternoon

Integration & Renewal: Stepping into Our Leadership

  • Breathe For Harmony: Aligning Our Inner and Outer Worlds

  • Breathe For Playfulness: Celebrating our Successes

  • Breathe For Inspiration: Fulfilling Our Mission

Breathe For Change

Breathe For Change is a movement to enhance the health and well-being of educators, students, and school communities through social-emotional learning and mind-body wellness. Our mission is to Change the World, One Teacher at a Time. 

Breathe For Change is an equity-driven organization deeply committed to using wellness and social-emotional learning as vehicles for social change. The program was founded by Dr. Ilana Nankin, whose teaching experience and dissertation research revealed the critical connection between teacher wellbeing and effective teaching.

Napa Valley Education Foundation

Napa Valley Education Foundation believes an investment in education is an investment in our future.  Our Wellness Mission: Student wellness reduces barriers to learning and assists students as they grow into productive adults.


Since 2015, our goal has been to open Wellness Centers at all 10 middle and high schools in Napa and American Canyon.  We currently have centers in 5 schools, with dedicated space for students to come in to a “one-stop” location to see a school counselor, nurse, community partner, and more.  Our on-campus centers reduce barriers to services and allow students to improve their health and mental health, leading to decreases in behavior issues and truancy, and an increase in GPA and peer connections.  More than 4,300 students per year visit the centers, and the suicide and depression statistics among these youth has greatly decreased.  


Our annual Wellness Conference focuses on providing local trainings to the professionals who serve youth in Napa Valley, as well as opening up our trainings to attendees across the country.  This year, our local team is bringing in Breathe For Change to focus on mindfulness and social-emotional learning.