Brianna Peterson Magly

Owner, Moon Tree Yoga


Brianna experienced her first Bikram-style yoga class at the age of 14. For several years she found the strict regimen of this style to be quite comforting as she always knew what to expect. As she grew and began to shift her overall life focus, Brianna realized how valuable flowing through the unknown could be. Today, Brianna seeks out new classes, teachers, styles, and techniques in order to diversify her movements and expand her knowledge.

As a Health and Wellness Advocate, Brianna feels that sharing with others is the single most important act of being human. To give from a place of complete selflessness is one of Brianna’s life goals. She whole heartedly believes that self-care is fundamentally the most efficient way to come from a place of generosity and abundance. In her own experience, Brianna has found that yoga, diversity in body movement, mindful meditation, community support, whole nutritious foods, and plenty of rest are the key ingredients to living a life of true wealth. She seeks to share her brand new studio, Moon Tree Yoga, with all humans. “When we are authentically filled with a true love of self, there is a naturally overwhelming abundance of this love to give to others” BPM

Moon Tree Yoga is a platform which promotes movement, personal growth, and creativity through community support. The space itself is located at 5875 Sonoma Hwy Suite E, Santa Rosa CA 95409.

Our humble space in The Valley of the Moon is an atmosphere where positivity is able to thrive. With discounts and sliding scale opportunities, we are creating a sense of togetherness regardless of income level. Our Moon Tree family is committed to creating a welcoming environment that serves both the local and transient community alike.