Why Attend?

Wellness Champion Testimonials

"I just wanted to thank your program for teaching me so much about myself, breathing and yoga. I also wanted to say thanks for providing us with the Breathe For Change manual. I am using it with my high school PE class. The teaching cues are even helping students teach other students... Your program is amazing!"

- Josh (High School PE Teacher)

"Breathe For Change is a revolutionary program that really will change the world. After participating in the program, I felt empowered, reinvigorated, inspired and ready to create real change in schools!"

- Bridget (Middle School Social Worker)

Breathe For Change filled my bucket... Your new sense of presence, self-compassion, and gratitude, will spread a bright light towards all the people you love and come into contact with. Educators will leave refreshed, and feel like a first year teacher on their first day. This program is the best gift you can give yourself, your family, friends and your community."

- Lauren (Title 1 School Counselor & Special Education Teacher)

Who should attend?

Educators, administrators, mental health providers, nonprofit staff, social and community leaders and anyone interested in transforming the well-being of their lives, relationships and community.

This training is intentionally designed to be inclusive, trauma-informed and accessible to all participants, and is open to all levels of physical ability. You do not have to have prior yoga experience in order to attend.

What to expect? 

Participants will...

  • Experience B4C’s transformational progression to enhance well-being in their lives, relationships, and communities.

  • Learn B4C’s Social-Emotional Learning and *Facilitation (SEL*F) curricular framework and receive SEL*F strategies to empower and support children, adolescents, and adults.

  • Set intentions for their physical, mental-emotional, and social well-being, and gain tools to recognize and overcome obstacles in their way.

  • Experience the power of giving and receiving gratitude and compassion, and learn to use appreciation and loving kindness to foster well-being.

  • Practice mindfulness and meditation to teach and live with a deeper sense of presence.

  • Learn communication strategies to cultivate authentic, loving, and meaningful relationships.

  • Clarify your wellness mission and create a plan to translate this mission into action.

  • Join a network of like-minded educators and social leaders inspired to lead with love.

What to wear/bring?

We recommend you come dressed in comfortable clothing. This includes exercise/yoga clothing.  You will be sitting on the ground and moving around, so we encourage you to dress accordingly. 

We have a limited number of yoga mats available, if you have access to one, please bring it with you. 

What is included in the cost?

Tuition of $345 includes weekend training, certification, and access to B4C's digital manual of resources upon graduation. This cost also includes lunches for both days and light refreshments.

What if I want to pay by check or purchase order?

Select 'Pay Later' at checkout and we will contact you if needed. 

Click here: Napa Valley Education Foundation's W-9

What kinds of certification will be provided upon completion of this training?

Attendees will receive 2 CEU's from Edgewood College for the course: Breathe For Change Self-Care & Social Emotional Learning Certification.

Participants will experience the Breathe For Change Transformational Progression, and be certified in B4C's Social Emotional Learning and Facilitation (SEL*F) Curriculum. Graduates will receive Breathe For Change’s 2-day Training Certification, and be equipped with tools and strategies to reduce stress and anxiety, build community, and enhance individual and collective well-being. 


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