Are We Too Late to Stop the California Bullying Epidemic?

Mar 14, 2019


Breakout Room #2


School bullying and cyberbullying are some of the most widespread forms of violence experienced by youth in California. Over thirty-four percent of students in grades 7 through 11 are the target of bullying. Without intervention, students are at risk of post-traumatic symptoms and enduring mental health effects similar in severity and long-term persistence to child abuse, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, shame, suicide, and violent ideation. Nicholas Carlisle, CEO of No Bully, uncovers how we created the bullying epidemic and delivers an inspirational message for how visionary educators are transforming school culture to reflect their core values.


teachers, counselors, psychologists, school administrators


Participants will develop an understanding of the systemic forces that cause bullying that operate in every school and the reality of school culture as a force for good or ill. Attendees will experience two powerful interventions for engaging student compassion to counter the bullying that takes place on their campus. One is the “Just like Me” exercise, which participants will receive a copy of to take back to their campus. The other is learning through our training film how to run a Solution Team, our groundbreaking intervention that engages student empathy to solve the bullying of a peer. Schools trained in Solution Team are able to solve 90% of bullying cases.


Will McCoy, CEO

Will is a career educator and education technology entrepreneur.  He has served schools and districts at all levels for more than 20 years, starting as a teacher in grades Pre-K through High School and moving to school administration and ultimately spending the last ten years as a School District Superintendent.  During that time, Will has been recognized at the state and national level for his work on educational equity, while being equally sought after as an expert in education technology.  Will helped found the AR/VR company DisruptED, and is the owner/founder of Ed Tech Authority.  With this position, he brings his passion for the rights of each individual child to thrive in the educational setting to the national/international stage.  He is humbled and honored to be doing this work on behalf of students.


  • Nicholas Carlisle

    Founder & President

    No Bully


    BIO: Nicholas Carlisle – Founder and President Having experienced firsthand the reality of school bullying when he was a teenager at school in London, Nicholas is committed to creating schools that live by values of respect and compassion. He graduated from Oxford University, worked as a barrister in London and served as chairman of the

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