“Art it Out” to End Stigma Around Mental Health

Mar 15, 2019


Art & Wellness Room #4


California Youth Connections (CYC), No Stigma No Barriers (NSNB) Youth led Board is a project funded through the Prop 63- Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) and overseen by the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC) to reduce stigma around mental health throughout California. We empower transition-aged youth with mental health experiences across the state by providing education, training and advocacy opportunities. This workshop will inspire and equip those that work with transition-aged youth (TAY) to be an effective ally. We will accomplish this by identifying ways to reach, engage and empower youth through youth led process.  We will highlight the importance of art and creative expression as a form of communication and advocacy tool for TAY in their mental health journey, and how these tools encourage movement towards ending the stigma around mental health/wellness.


Anyone that works with youth

Audience Takeaway:

There are many ways to engage and empower TAY to engage in a discussion around mental health/wellness. One size does not fit all. Be creative in your work. Build rapport through youth common interests. Allow space for creative expression.


No Stigma No Barriers Board Representative, 

California Youth Connection’s (CYC) No Stigma No Barriers (NSNB)


  • Joyce Anderson

    Mental Health Advocacy Coordinator

    California Youth Connection’s No Stigma No Barriers Project


    BIO: Joy is the Mental Health Project Coordinator after first working with CYC as Policy Coordinator. Prior to that, Joy spent 7+ years as a member of both CYC and YTP. She has served our organization in a variety of leadership roles, including Santa Cruz chapter president, conference facilitator, curriculum developer, youth trainer and representative

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