Change What You See: The Nurtured Heart Approach

Mar 15, 2019


Breakout Room #1


Do you struggle to find the correct point system or punitive consequences to change behavior? Are your relationships with some kids (parents/colleagues) built around a focus on symptoms and problems? Did you know that relationships drive learning, school climate, and well-being in children and adults? Would you like to end each day feeling less stressed, celebrating the positives in ALL children? If so, the Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) will be a powerful addition to your skills and mind set. NHA is a relationship-based set of skills, intentions, and processes that relentlessly focus on identifying and growing the amazing qualities present in every child. NHA builds Inner WealthTM, through which kids develop an internalized sense of themselves as important, capable members of classrooms and families. We change what we see by viewing intensity and challenging behavior through a different lens, seeing and creating moments worthy of recognition, establishing absolute clarity of rules, and shifting how we respond to problems. We create a classroom and family culture in which greatness is recognized in all, and misbehavior and frustration no longer sap our energy. Often experienced as a transformative practice, a 2018 study at University of Arizona found symptoms of ADHD in children were significantly reduced after parents received only 6 weekly sessions of an online NHA Foundations course. NHA enhances other approaches, including PBIS/MTSS, Growth Mindsets, mindfulness, and Trauma-responsive and Restorative Practices. Initially developed for classrooms and family settings, NHA is also effective in professional and personal relationships among adults, as well as for personal development.


Educators, MH Professionals, Parents


This overview of the Nurtured Heart Approach will introduce skills and a change in mindset through: 1. The concept of Inner Wealth™ 2. The 3 StandsTM of the NHA: Absolutely No, Absolutely Yes, Absolutely Clear 3. Recognition techniques central to Stand 2 of NHA 4. “Resets” as consequences in Stand 3 5. Resources for further information and training

  • Scott Lindstrom

    Coordinator of Trauma Response and Recovery

    Butte County Office of Education


    BIO: Scott Lindstrom is Co-Coordinator of Trauma Response and Recovery for Butte County Office of Education, and a Certified Advanced Trainer and Peer Mentor for the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA). He currently coordinates the mental health aspects of the BCOE response to the Camp Fire.  He previously served 30+ years as school psychologist and coordinator

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