Creating a Mindful School: Whole School Implementation

Mar 14, 2019


Breakout Rook #5


This workshop will focus on the process of creating a “Mindful School.” There is no one-size-fits-all whole-school implementation plan or model. Every school is different and has its own unique needs, opportunities, and challenges. In this session, we will share our approach, offerings, and resources and talk about the general state of mindfulness in education and how it relates to Social Emotional Learning. We’ll have an engaged session of practice, share best practices in teaching mindfulness to children and teens, and present our model for Whole School Implementation. Participants will leave the session with a greater understanding of mindfulness in education and of the steps they can take – and the support they will receive – in transforming their school into a Mindful School. A key player in the movement to integrate mindfulness into the everyday learning environment of K-12 classrooms, our organization has trained over 25,000 educators, parents, and mental health professionals who work with youth. These graduates, spanning 100+ countries, have reached over 2 million children worldwide.


Educators, School Leaders, District Administrators, School Counselors, Wellness Coordinator


Because it is at the heart of our approach and curriculum, we will start with shared mindfulness practice so that participants can experience first-hand some of the benefits of mindfulness. We will provide a broad overview of mindfulness in education, share best practices in teaching mindfulness to children and teens, and present our model for Whole School Implementation. We’ll conclude our time together by facilitating interactive small group activities inviting participants to share their own experiences and to collaboratively build out a needs-assessment so that they can begin to map out their own journey toward whole school-implementation to bring back to their school communities.


Nicole Naffaa, Director of Guidance

As the Director of Guidance at Mindful Schools, Nicole has been supporting schools in implementing mindfulness in their communities since 2016. She has helped to develop new strategic initiatives for the organization and has worked closely with her colleagues in creating a model for whole school implementation. Prior to working at Mindful Schools, Nicole spent 12 years in higher education administration and 5 years as a campus chaplain and retreat leader.

  • Kory O’Rourke

    Training Program Coordinator

    Mindful Schools


    BIO: Kory O’Rourke has been a public high school teacher and school leader for over a decade. She believes that mindfulness is an essential tool for building equity in our schools and our communities. She uses her personal practice to support the work she does with students, teachers, and school leaders/administrators in supporting mindfulness instruction

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