Fighting Racial Inequities through Mentoring

Mar 14, 2019


Breakout Room #1


Mentoring can be used as a positive strategy for addressing racial inequities in the school systems. When a young person is matched with a mentor they (together) have an opportunity to have real-life discussions about racial equity. Mentors have an obligation to providing a cultural humility space and can provide the space to have race-based conversations. However, prior to having mentors have these conversations, there is a need for program staff to also be aware of and make space for conversations around racial equity. Participants will learn research and definitions about racial identity and racial socialization
and will discuss challenges with infusing racial equity in mentoring programs. Participants will review and begin to integrate cultural/ racial identity frameworks into their programming by utilizing Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring.


School Administrators, Counselors, Teachers, School Social Workers


Participants will be able to demonstrate what it means to have a racial equity lens in mentoring. Participants will compose a training plan to infuse racial equity an identity into their programming. Participants will review key components of program fidelity and how to utilize the Elements for Effective Practice as a guide. Participants will then complete an Action Plan (to be distributed).

  • Laurie Vargas M.S., PPSC

    District Coordinator

    San Francisco Unified School District


    BIO: Laurie Vargas, M.S., PPSC, is a District Coordinator with San Francisco Unified School District’s Mentoring For Success program. She has provided training at various counseling and mentoring conferences around Cultural Humility, Trauma, and various counseling-related topics. In her current work with SFUSD, Ms. Vargas is an active member of her department’s Racial Equity Committee

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