Incorporating Mindfulness into your classroom, family and daily schedule

Mar 14, 2019


Breakout Room #2


In this presentation, you will learn how to incorporate mindful practice into your school and classroom, parenting and daily schedule. You will also learn how to create “buy-in” for your staff, students, parents, and community. These mindfulness strategies are quick and beneficial coping skills that can help create a more positive and conducive environment in your home and school, and will lead to life-long skills that can be used in any stressful situation in school and throughout life!


Teachers, administrators, students, parents, and community

Audience Takeaways:

Creating a school-wide mindfulness program/practice * Strategies to get your child invested in mindfulness *Strategies to get your staff invested in mindfulness * Being mindful every day is key * Mindfulness is more than breathing * Mindfulness increases student engagement and executive functioning * Mindfulness does not have to be time-consuming

  • Christian Freeman

    Lead Special Education Teacher

    Fairfax County Public Schools


    BIO: Christian Freeman has an MA in special education from George Washington Univ. She also has an MA in administration from George Mason Univ. She has taught in public education for 23 years. She has been practicing mindfulness in her own life for over 10 years. Mrs. Freeman has started two school-wide mindfulness programs in

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