Introduction to Restorative Practices

Mar 14, 2019


Breakout Room #7


Commonly referred to as the beating heart, a restorative school is one that harnesses the power of relationship and equitable disciplinary practice to ensure the wellness, safety, and success of all members of the school community. This interactive and experiential workshop will feature a side-by-side comparison of a traditional and restorative approach to school discipline, exploring how to effectively respond to and address the root causes of challenging behavior and its impact on the community. Participants will engage in dialogue surrounding the core principles along with an introduction to the continuum of restorative practices to support the building of a strong school climate and environment.


Educators, parents, community members (anyone!)

Audience Takeaways:

At the completion of this Introduction to Restorative Practices workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze the difference between a traditional and restorative school discipline approach
  • Apply the restorative principle’s to one’s daily practice and experience
  • Witness an example of a student-led circle (video)
  • Identify restorative practices along a continuum of informal to formal
  • Describe the difference between proactive, community building practices and responsive, repairing harm practices.
  • Kerri Berkowitz

    Founder, Restorative Practices Trainer & Implementation Specialist

    Relational Roots


    BIO: Kerri Berkowitz stands at the forefront of a rapidly shifting landscape of educational practice across the nation; one that establishes an environment grounded in trusting relationships and equitable disciplinary processes. In her early years as a school social worker in Southeast San Francisco, Kerri witnessed the undeniable relationship between school climate and academic achievement.

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