Jin Shin Jyutsu – The Perfect Mindfulness Companion

Mar 14, 2019


Breakout Room #4


Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is an ancient, oriental art that harmonizes life energy in the body. This art has one tool: our hands. Our hands connect us to the Universal Harmonizing Energy. And what I love about this art is that everyone can learn JSJ sequences (called “flows”) and implement them in their daily mindfulness practices (their own personal mindfulness practices and mindfulness practices they are incorporating in the classroom) or as a completely separate practice.

As educators, we know that the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of our students cannot be fully met with our work in the classroom alone. We also know that the resources available to us may be limited (or in some cases, cut altogether). We need a way to equip our students with practices that will help them be successful in all realms. JSJ will help students in the classroom with focus and concentration and the ability to navigate their emotions, and as a bonus, it will also help them at home. Students will not have their teacher or their guidance counselor at home, but they will always have their hands and they can always easily practice JSJ at home – without anyone even knowing what they’re doing!

In this hands-on (literally) workshop, I will give a brief overview of JSJ, its founder, history/origin, and a little bit about the philosophy behind it. I will also teach about the 26 “Safety Energy Locks” which are points on our bodies where energy can be stuck. I will walk participants through self-help practices that will enhance their own lives and the lives of their students.

These sequences, called “flows,” can be added very easily to mindfulness practices that already exist. Participants will learn a daily maintenance flow called the Main Central Vertical Harmonizing Flow, and I will walk teachers through other flows that can also address anxiety, focus, concentration, and other common classroom needs. They will also learn about “36 Breaths”  and how to incorporate 36 Breaths and JSJ Self-Help into existing mindfulness practices.


Classroom Teachers, Counselors, Administrators

Audience Takeaways:

Participants will learn simple strategies that will bring harmony in any and every moment of every day. They will learn how to easily incorporate 26 harmonizing energy sequences (flows) into their daily mindfulness practices. They will also be able to share these with others (students, fellow teachers, counselors, family members). They will learn the daily “Main Central Vertical Harmonizing Energy” sequence which is an all-inclusive, daily sequence that helps people feel centered and ensures that they will have plenty of energy. Some people find it calming and use it to fall asleep, while others like to use it to clear the mind upon awakening. Participants will also receive a printed version of my e-book “Jin Shin Jyutsu – The Perfect Mindfulness Companion.”

  • Kate Martin

    Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner/Classroom Teacher

    Asheville Jin Shin Jyutsu/Asheville City Schools


    ABOUT: Kate is a veteran classroom teacher of 21 years and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner (5 years). She recently decided to combine her passion for classroom teaching and JSJ by offering workshops and materials for educators, counselors, administrators and parents who may be interested in finding solutions for students in traditional and non-traditional educational settings.

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