Lessons Learned in Paradise: Reflections on Disaster Response and Transformation

Mar 15, 2019


Redwood Credit Union Crisis Response Room

Scott Lindstrom & Roy Applegate are the Coordinators of Trauma Response and Recovery for Butte County Office of Education and will give a first-hand account of the Camp Fire in Paradise California.  This workshop will be about Lessons Learned from the perspective of still being in the middle of the crisis response. He will share what is working well and what is not. His presentation will cover the intensity of teachers evacuating students in the middle of the school day in their own cars, driving through fire and burning embers, never to see their school again.  Many teachers never saw their students again because half their class had to relocate. He will discuss the realities of the challenges of teachers are losing their jobs because they are losing ADA, school is being held in an empty Orchard Supply Hardware, and more. School staff have received well-meaning “Trauma” training while many do not even know where they are going to sleep. Scott will talk about what feels like help and what does not.

Take Aways:

  • Clearer understanding of what occurred during the Camp Fire and its impact on the schools

  • Understanding of needs of victims during a trauma response


County Leaders

School Leaders

Mental Health Professionals

  • Scott Lindstrom

    Coordinator of Trauma Response and Recovery

    Butte County Office of Education


    BIO: Scott Lindstrom is Co-Coordinator of Trauma Response and Recovery for Butte County Office of Education, and a Certified Advanced Trainer and Peer Mentor for the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA). He currently coordinates the mental health aspects of the BCOE response to the Camp Fire.  He previously served 30+ years as school psychologist and coordinator

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