Lifting the Voices of Asian Youth: Creating Youth Centered Emotional Wellness Support

Mar 14, 2019


Breakout Room #5


The IWAY (Improving the Wellness of Asian Youth) team will be sharing stories from youth and parents, along with best practices for addressing the unique needs of Asian youth and the challenges they face. We strive to break the silence around mental health by empowering our youth to realize and understand the stresses in their lives and give them tools so that they can work on improving their mental wellness.


Service providers, teachers, adults support youth, caregivers

Audience Takeaways:

The audience will have a better cultural understanding of the unique stresses Asian youth face, tips on how to approach and better support them, how to provide youth-centered services, and ways to help shy, reserved youth open up.


Denise Lee -Youth Program Coordinator at Asian Health Services

Denise has over 5 years experience of interdisciplinary subjects such as: Urban Studies, Youth Development, Sociology and Education. A strong drive to grow young people, she has demonstrated this commitment in a variety of settings from traditional institutions of education to faith based community programs. Through her work, Denise is interested in creating programs that help young people learn and be confident in who they are and have agency in the change they want to see happen. Balancing life as a young mother, Denise envisions a world where young people can thrive and contribute to their community. She enjoys eating ice cream and loves magical unicorns; but is not as hard to find as she’s based at her youth resource center, with a smile and support for those who need it.

  • Caroline Chou

    Health Educator

    Public Health Institute, Alameda County


    BIO: Caroline Chou is a Health Educator at the Public Health Institute for the IWAY (Improving the Wellness of Asian Youth) program, which aims to promote emotional wellness and education for young people living in the San Francisco and East Bay area. Born and raised in the Bay Area to Taiwanese immigrants, she grew up

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