Mind Your Mindset: How to Beat Anxiety, Overwhelm and Stress For Good

Mar 14, 2019


Breakout Room #7


Where do stress and anxiety come from? The truth will surprise you, as will the grim statistic. In today’s world, the phenomena of stress, anxiety and overwhelm are not only increasingly apparent but create significant ramifications in the home and the workplace. It’s time for a detox. With this warm, confident talk – Certified Executive Coach and Crisis Counsellor Keren Eldad reveals the top 5 toxic thought patterns leading to modern distress, and how to shed them…once and for all.

During this 45-minute talk, followed by a Q&A, you will discover:

· What the Most Common Stressors are in Society today –and what you can do about them

· Where Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm come from –so that you can untangle from them for good

· How to Stop Caring What Anyone Else Thinks – to get control back of your own life and change absolutely any situation

· How to Overcome Your Self Doubt and Limiting Beliefs – and start rocking your amazing life with confidence and enthusiasm

· Why Embracing Vulnerability will Set You Free – and allow you to speak openly, serve authentically, and form deeper, more meaningful connections

· How to Deal With Problems, Delays, Setbacks, and Obstacles – and turn them into the opportunity you’ve been waiting for


Anyone and everyone


– Keren’s Top Actionable Tool to Mind Your Mindset

– 5 Meaningful Tips towards a Successful Mindset, from a Crisis Counselor

– Where Stress and Anxiety Come From, and What Anyone Can Do About Them

  • Keren Eldad


    With Enthusiasm


    BIO: Keren is a Certified Personal Coach (CPC) and Certified Executive Coach (CEC), with a Master’s Degree in Media & Communications from the London School of Economics. During her career in marketing, she served as the Head of Consumer Marketing for IWC, and as the Publisher of Surface Magazine. As such, Keren and her teams

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