Mindfulness: Supporting Self and Students

Mar 15, 2019


Breakout Room #7


This session will focus on the benefits for students, teachers, and community of mindfulness activities for our students who have social-communication and social-emotional needs. In collaboration with teacher/school staff wellness, the need and benefits for all stakeholders to be well in this way, greatly increases achievement in teaching and learning, while decreasing the emergent need for additional support services. Additionally, there is a positive rapport among colleagues, among students, and among teachers with students and students with teachers.

For Teachers/Staff- Across education, we are seeing an increase in the need for social-emotional supports for those individuals who directly interact with students of all ages. This increase causes absenteeism, lack of professional motivation, a decrease of educational creativity in teaching and learning, and a frequency in medical claims. Mindful activities integrated into school plans, professional development, curriculum, and personal practice, we have a build of self-awareness for the adult stakeholders. It provides support for self-regulation during difficult situations at home, in the classroom and school environments. We then are in a positive place to create meaningful and action based plans that support teachers and staff as well as students. For Students- Students are coming to school impacted by various traumas. Consistent mindful activities are preventive strategies and ways to create a safe space for students, supports self-regulation techniques as a part of their daily routines. Students can then generalize a skill and put ‘self’ into practice to support learning and life skills.


District Resource Teacher/Special Education Teacher/Social Global Supports

Audience Takeaways:

This session is two-fold. Examples of mindfulness activities, examples from the audience, what this looks like in various stages of teaching and learning in k-12 environments. Additionally, we will present mindfulness within self.

  • Elicia Chavez


    BIO: Elicia Chavez has been in education for ten years. Her primary role as a teacher has been an Autism Specific classroom and cross-category classes. She has worked with specific learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and those specified as emotional disturbance. Elicia has also worked with adults with intellectual disabilities. Her passion to support our community

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