Notice Me; Recognizing trauma in students and how staff and school personnel can implement change

Mar 15, 2019


Breakout Room #5


Notice Me.
Notice Me is an account of the traumatic events in a student’s life from a professional perspective. The presentation aims to zero in on the mental health, and physical health signals of a child who may be in emotional despair. Not only does the presentation delve into the obvious warning signs that were present, but also a more nuanced look at subtle risk factors that were less noticeable and more telling.
The story starts in an affluent suburb in California where, on the outside, everything appears to be ok for Sam. It takes us on a journey through the intricacies of trauma, and the factors that made Sam more and more likely to experience each one of the traumas. Sam’s story is a message and an opportunity to see how adults in students’ lives can make a long-lasting change and influence with only a few simple adjustments to engagement with students.
In addition to giving personnel an understanding of the signs and signals of the trauma, the presentation provides easy, and simple interventions that can be undertaken by anyone to help a child who may be in emotional turmoil. Communication strategies, questioning strategies, and interactional strategies that can help a child in the long term. Role plays and discussions during the presentation is highly encouraged.


Teachers, Administrators, After School Staff, and Parents

Audience Takeaways:

1. Create awareness of trauma symptoms for professionals working with children.

2. Encourage professionals to notice students, and engage them in a non-threatening way.

3. Learn strategies to work with students struggling with trauma.

  • Kristin Martinez, LMFT


    PAX Therapy and Family Services, inc.


    BIO: Kristin Martinez is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in working with people, especially women and teens, who have had childhood trauma.  She is dedicated to helping people overcome their histories so that they can reach and exceed the goals they set for themselves. She is a published author and has worked

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