One Love: Let’s talk about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships with your students

Mar 14, 2019


Breakout Room #6


Join One Love and learn how to talk about healthy relationships with your students. During this presentation, One Love will walk you through their peer to peer model, award-winning content, and the steps you can take to bring it all to the students and young people you work with! They reached over 20,000 students in the Bay Area just last school year, come to find out what all the buzz is about!


Social workers, school counselors, teachers and administrators

Audience Takeaways:

The audience will leave the presentation with the tools and plan necessary to bring this education to the young people they work with. One Love will provide additional information for attendees to bring back to the group they represent and can provide in-person support for first-time workshops.

  • Megan Gray

    West Coast Engagement Coordinator

    One Love


    BIO: Megan Gray is the West Coast Engagement Coordinator for One Love. She works closely with Bay Area schools, districts, and community partners to bring One Love Workshops to their students. Last year, Megan single-handedly worked with over 2 dozen schools to educate 15,000 students. She also presents at local and statewide conferences on behalf

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