Sunrise Yoga

Mar 14, 2019


Meritage Wine Cave


Come start your day off right with a slow and gentle flow incorporating alignment and strength focusing on the breath. This class will be open to all ages and levels. Please bring your own yoga mat (if you are traveling by air we will provide one for you), water bottle and an open mind to relaxing the body through a vinyasa based yoga class with free form movement. You will be sure to feel open and well stretched after class!

Pre-Registration is required


  • Brianna Peterson Magly


    Moon Tree Yoga


    BIO: Brianna experienced her first Bikram-style yoga class at the age of 14. For several years she found the strict regimen of this style to be quite comforting as she always knew what to expect. As she grew and began to shift her overall life focus, Brianna realized how valuable flowing through the unknown could

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