The Importance of Place

Mar 15, 2019


Breakout Room #5


Where we learn is key in how we learn and what we learn. This workshop centers on the benefit of high-quality school facilities—higher achievement and fewer absences are only a few of the documented and research-supported benefits of our learning environments. The presenter is the Supervisor of the California Department of Education’s Office of Learning Environments and brings practical ideas to help create a learning environment that supports the whole child.


All–we all are always somewhere.

Audience Takeaways

The physical environment is often an under-appreciated teacher. This workshop will help practitioners to look at children’s environment from a different perspective. The audience will gain a new appreciation and perspective on how students benefit from high quality school facilities

  • Fred Yeager

    Assistant Director of Faciities

    California Department of Education


    BIO: Fred is the Assistant Director of the School Facilities and Transportation Services Division where he works with districts, architects and state decision-makers on school facility planning and design. Prior to joining the state 20 years ago, Fred worked for 10 years in the facility departments of several school districts

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