“The Missing Link: Employee Health & Wellness”

Mar 14, 2019


Breakout Room #3


This session will focus on:
What is Employee Wellness
Why Employee Wellness is the Missing Link
Strategies to integrate Health & Wellness into district and school plans
Barriers that are/will be presented
Working time to brainstorm how and when to incorporate Employee Wellness into strategic plans


Stake Holders of School Populations, Community, Leadership, Teachers, Health Workers, Human Resources

Audience Takeaways:

Understanding the importance of clearly integrating employee wellness into the long-term planning of a school district.

  • Melani Buchanan Farmer, PhD

    Employee Wellness Coordinator

    Albuquerque Public Schools


    BIO: Dr. Buchanan Farmer is a Native New Mexican. She studied Education, Curriculum and Instruction, and Multicultural Education at UNM. Melani completed her PhD at CIIS, graduating with a degree in Transformative Studies, with an emphasis on Adolescent Wellness. She proceeded to work in the Albuquerque Public Schools for 18 years, while also establishing the

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