Therapeutic Photography: Shame & Selfies (using self-portraits to address shame)

Mar 15, 2019


Art & Wellness Room #4


bring your camera phone


In this therapeutic photography workshop, we’ll explore how shame is exposed in portraits, related to how it is experienced somatically. Shame (vs. guilt and secondary shame) will be defined and explained relative to its significance in working with clients, and how it impedes self-expression, and therefore artistic expression. Examples of self-portraits will be visually projected for group discussion/interpretation. A guided imagination exercise will be used to connect participants with the somatic aspect of the felt shame experience. We will make and discuss some phone camera selfies to explore and combat the felt shame experience and discuss how to harness it in treatment for clients of varied ages and issues. An examination of self-portraits and sharing shame stories will occur in triads or diads, then the full group will reconvene to process. No technical experience is required, just bring your phone camera.

  • Deborah Cluff, PhD


    BIO: Deborah Cluff, PhD, is a depth psychologist, whose interests include how minds and bodies play and how shame impacts self-expression. She is certified in Creativity and the Unconscious by the Assisi Institute and is the creator of integrative photography, which uses photographs as the medium for communication. Deborah studied art history at the Sorbonne

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