Tier III Supports Within The PBIS Framework: Compare and Contrast

Mar 15, 2019


Breakout Room #7


There are many ways schools support students with Tier III needs! The presenter will give a basic summary and comparison of three models of PBIS Tier III intervention: School-Based Wraparound, PTR (Prevent-Teach-Reinforce) and RENEW (Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural Supports, Education and Work). The presenter will also outline which types of social/emotional/behavioral challenges would best be supported by any of these interventions, and discuss readiness and commitment components necessary for the successful implementation of the interventions. Attendees will learn about example prerequisite policies and resources which should be coordinated at both the site and district levels prior to introducing any of these interventions, to help ensure that the selected intervention will be sustainable and effective. Example readiness checklists will be provided and reviewed, which highlight the recommended action items to complete prior to launching any of these interventions.


Schools implementing PBIS

Audience Takeaways:

Session participants will gain a basic understanding of these three PBIS tier III interventions; will see example readiness requirements; and will hear how the three interventions are similar and different. Handouts will include a comparison chart and example readiness/commitment documents and checklist.

  • Kerri Fulton

    PBIS Trainer/Coach, Coordinator

    Placer County Office of Education


    BIO: Kerri Fulton coordinator, trainer and regional coach with the PBIS team at the Placer County Office of Education. She enjoys partnering with educators and administrators to bring improvements in school organization, leadership, safety and school climate to better the K-12 learning experience for students across Northern California. Her background includes program coordination supporting youth

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