Zentangle Drawing for Stress Management and Wellness

Mar 15, 2019


Art & Wellness Room #4


Zentangle drawing is a method that combines creativity and meditation. It is easy to learn, relaxing, and enjoyable (Winkler, 2016). Zentangle drawing can reduce stress and improve focus (McNeill, 2013). It is a meditational art form that can improve mood, be calming, as well as be used as a tool in anger management (Krahula, 2012). Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, improve physical and mental health, and relieve anxiety and depression (Chavan, 2014). So, as a form of meditation, Zentangle drawing can have many benefits for students of all ages and abilities. Students experience stress in their lives. Coping skills such as art, including Zentangle drawing can be taught in schools. Participants will learn about the benefits of art as well as learn the basics of the Zentangle drawing method.


Educators, mental health providers

Audience Takeaway:

Participants will learn how art is beneficial, how the Zentangle method can be an effective coping skill, as well as learning the basics of the drawing method.

  • Amy Pfenning, MPS, ATR, CZT

    Art Therapist

    Department of State Hospitals


    BIO: Amy Pfenning, MPS, ATR, CZT, earned her master’s in art therapy from Pratt Institute in 1999. She works at Coalinga State Hospital, a California treatment facility for sex offenders known as sexually violent predators. Amy has worked at the hospital since 2005 where she manages the hospital’s Art Center, and provides art therapy supervision.

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